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Equipment & Standard Operating Procedures

Lab Use & Etiquette Standard Operating Procedures

Keeping the lab in a clean, orderly, and safe state requires the assistance of all users. Please see below for a list of standard operating procedures for frequent and/or specific tasks:

Developing new procedures in the lab with the Lab Risk Assessment Tool


We have many different machines to support your research needs. Machines are free of charge to use, but materials are to be supplied by lab members. Please see the Materials Policy page for more information on approved materials and how to procure them.

Click on the the name of each machine in service to download a copy of its standard operating procedures.

Additive Manufacturing

For training on the Form 3 Resin Printer, please click on the following link: Formlabs Form 3 Resin Printer Training.

For training on the Stratasys F123 Series FDM Printers, please click on the following link: Stratasys F123 Series FDM Printer Training.

WARNING: The Stratasys Objet 30 is equipped with a bulb that has trace amounts of mercury inside. Although unlikely, you must be aware of the risks of this bulb breaking. Please see the following links for more information from EH&S: Focus Sheet: Mercury Lamps

Subtractive Manufacturing

The ShopBot CNC router uses Fusion 360 or VCarve Pro as its primary CAM program. Occasionally, settings will be reverted when the computer updates. If this occurs, contact the lab manager.

Sewing and Embroidery

Woodworking Tools

Power Hand Tools

Wet/Dry Vac: Fein Turbo II

Soldering and Rework Stations

For information on the ProtoFlow S/N2 standard profiles, see the manual on page 24:

Electronics Test Bench

Spectrum Analyzers

Logic Analyzers

USRP with Daughterboard


Processing Equipment