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Safety Information

Before access can be granted, everyone must undergo general lab safety training and complete the necessary Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) trainings specific for this lab. Certain machines in the space will also require specific machine training in order to use. Certain EH&S trainings expire annually and will need to be retaken. If a user has not used the space for an extended period of time (generally 6 months), they may need to retake the general safety training and specific machine trainings.

It is critical that all safety rules and regulations are followed within the Fabrication Research Lab. This page will provide important links and downloads to the Lab Safety Manual, MyChem, Online Accident Reporting System, and more.

COVID-19 Prevention Plan

As the University of Washington returns to work, the University has developed a UW-wide COVID-19 Prevention Plan. A required university-level training is also offered.

Please see below for the UW-Wide COVID-19 Prevention Plan and respective training:

University of Washington COVID-19 Prevention Plan

University of Washington COVID-19 Prevention Training

General Lab Safety Rules & Documents

Required EH&S Lab & Shop Safety Trainings:

Lab & Shop Safety Manuals

Please find attached our Shop Safety Manuals for each respective space:

Please find attached the Lab Safety Manuals for each respective PI:

Locations for the physical shop and lab safety manuals are as follows:

  • CSE 615: On the western wall on the shelf above the Glowforge laser cutter.
  • CSE2 G15: Above and to the left of the sink in the cupboard.

To find equipment standard operating procedures, please see the “Equipment” page.

To find out about how lab safety inspections are done, or if you would like to run one yourself as a part of our semi-annual inspection, please find the lab safety inspection check list below:

Lab Safety Checklist

Lab Safety Maps

The maps below detail safety features in each lab. Anything in red is a safety feature and will have a call-out identifying it:


Once you have undergone General Lab Safety training, you will be added to our MyChem account. For our entire chemical inventory and access to pertinent Safety Data Sheets (SDS), please see your lab’s designated shop & lab safety binder or log in to MyChem, linked here:

Enter MyChem Chemical Inventory

Reporting an Accident or Near Miss

All accidents, near-misses, spills, and emergencies MUST be reported to the lab manager and on the Online Accident Reporting System (OARS) within 24 hours of the incident. Please list your PI and follow the prompts through the reporting process. The link to OARS can be found below:

Report Incident on Online Accident Reporting System

Training Records

All training records are stored either digitally or in CSE2 G15B, the Fabrication Research Lab manager’s office. Please contact Alexander Lefort in regards to viewing these documents:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Hazard Assessments

Laboratory Assessments

Shop Assessments

Lock-Out Tag-Out Instructions (for Lab Manager Use Only)